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MMA in Philadelphia starts with Maxercise, as the first MMA academy in the City. Established in 1991, Maxercise was teaching Mixed Martial Arts in Philadelphia years before the very first UFC in Denver, 1993. With having such a long history of MMA training in Philly, Maxercise offers a well-balanced curriculum in both Grappling and Striking, suitable for the Professional or Amateur fighter as well as the recreational practitioner, just wanting to be in “Cage Ready” shape! As MMA fighters are seen as some of the best athletes in the world, MMA training in Philadelphia has reached outside the Cage Fighters and has a growing number of members enjoying the amazing fitness benefits this type of training has to offer…


Maxercise MMA Academy has the resources to build you into a world class fighter. Our rigorous training camps are designed to develop fighters in all areas of combat:

The first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy on the east coast, Maxercise has provided quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Philadelphia for over two decades! Train your ground game with national and international grappling champions, ready to prepare you for the challenges of the cage.

Hone your standup game with Black belts in kodokan Judo, Karate and pro level Muay Thai fighters! Gain confidence in your striking as our experts improve your speed, combinations, use of distance and angles and overall defensive technique while developing your body to withstand your opponents onslaught!

With the technical edge well in hand, Maxercise is also the home to the nations original Kettlebell fitness program, insuring each of our athletes, come fight night, they will have the advantage of superior strength and conditioning!



Champions in Your Corner.

The process in becoming a world class fighter is long and challenging. At Maxercise no one is in it alone. Our fighters benefit from the support of their trainers and teammates from the first day they step on our mats all the way to moment they enter the cage. Be prepared for your fight with expert advice in your corner; The right game plan, mental preparation and motivation. Call now to set up your free private lesson or for more info on our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL 215–627–3975.


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